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CCTV Agricultural Rural Channel (CCTV-17, abbreviated as CCTV Agricultural Rural Channel or CCTV Seventeen Sets) is a television channel which mainly broadcasts agricultural and rural programs. It began its trial broadcast on August 1, 2019, and officially launched on September 23 during the Harvest Festival.

CCTV-17 is a Chinese free-to-air television channel, owned by China Central Television. It handles the agricultural programmes moved from CCTV-7 after the revamp of the latter channel.

Trial broadcasts of the channel will commence from 1 August 2019, with a launch date of 23 September, as part of celebrations for the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival.

Jujiao Sannong (聚焦三农, lit "Agricultural Watch")

Zhi Fu Jing (致富经, lit "Agribusiness Today")

Keji Lian (科技链, lit "Agritech Connect")

The Big Stage of Village (乡村大舞台)

Xiang Yue (乡约, lit "Dating in the Countryside")

Repeats of TV series under Rural Theatre strand

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