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Anhui TV station public channel (full name: Anhui TV station public news channel), launched on March 1, 2007 brand-new upgrade, daily broadcast throughout the province, the whole country, Important news all over the world. Anhui Public News Channel builds news information programs and story special programs with professional standards. Through the combination of dynamic news and in-depth reporting and the combination of normal programs and special programs, the whole channel can meet the needs of popularization. In addition, it can meet that requirement of crowd-sharing; Not only provide a comprehensive news service, but also set up an interactive platform for the audience.

Anhui public news channel is rated as the main program by local news and news, rolling and refreshing domestic news and international news, focusing on the development of news topics, live programs and local natural and cultural program resources, including entertainment, meteorology, Financial and other professional news content, and through special programs and large-scale activities, constantly create channel highlights. Anhui TV station public channel all day 19 hours program, 11 new daily broadcast columns, 8 brand-new build host, constitute the public news channel new image. Anhui Public Channel is a professional and brand news information channel that Anhui TV station strives to build. To realize the alternate arrangement of news information and news story with the first news channel type program in China.

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