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Anhui TV International Channel is a comprehensive Chinese TV channel set up by Anhui TV Station for overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese audience.

It highlights the regional economic and cultural characteristics of Anhui Province, makes use of the abundant program resources of Anhui TV stations, the advantages of the six central provinces and the program resources of various TV stations in Anhui Province, and disseminates the latest current affairs, economy, culture and tourism to the audience. Entertainment information and wonderful TV shows.

In order to make the world understand Anhui and let Anhui go to the world, Anhui International Channel has set up "Anhui People in the World," "Charm Anhui," "Super Press," "China Tour" on the basis of fully investigating the needs of overseas audiences. "Action of Dramatic Style," "Xin'an Lecture Hall," "Xiangyuanhua Opera House," "Family" and "Anhui News" are close to overseas Chinese audiences and serve the needs of the audiences, and there are also TV theatres for "Drama in the World." At the beginning of the channel, the first broadcast is scheduled to be 6 hours a day, 3 replays and 24 hours without interruption. One year after the start of the broadcast, the daily premiere is expected to reach and remain for 8 hours.

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