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Anhui variety channel is officially launched by January 1, 2010, by the wide audience's love. And there's trump number four. This is the Anhui people's own entertainment channel. Approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Anhui TV station to create the Anhui variety channel on January 1 grand start.

As the experimental field of Anhui TV station and the incubator of Anhui Satellite TV's trump card program, Anhui Variety Channel has four bright spots: One and four brand-new variety programs with each other, "Happy Big PK," "Entertainment Express," "When the red won't let," "the great splendor of the whole people" with the most close to the audience's posture will be shocked in the golden time section debut; Second, the stars gather, the stars are bright. Beginning on January 1, Chen Luyu's brand variety shows such as "Love is passed on to everyone ― tell your story" and Li Jing's "Very quiet distance" will be delivered. the wonderful appearance of numerous performing arts and sports stars will make the channel shine; Third, the variety channel has assembled the Anhui TV station program production and the channel operation elite team; IV. the arrangement of vertical lines and the general volume of live broadcast. Through-line programming, four self-made programs seamless links, linked to each other, 150 minutes of daily live programs, 235 minutes of self-made programs, Anhui TV station to become the longest live broadcast on the ground, the largest amount of self-made strong broadcasting platform. Anhui variety channel, with entertainment as its characteristic, has launched its unique channel concept - "entertainment artery, fashion school, youth stage, vitality zone," which will be the most dazzling and cool local entertainment flagship. The brightest stage ever.

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