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Caimin Online Digital Television Payment Channel is approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and sponsored by Shanxi Radio and Television Station. It is a professional digital TV payment channel for lottery broadcasting throughout the country. The channel identification number is 061070312002.

According to the requirements of the document of the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television (Guangzhou Development Agency, 2005-418), Caimin Online Channel was broadcasted on October 8, 2005. The broadcasting room was set up in Shanxi Radio and Television Station, and the program signal was sent to the Central Digital Television Media Integration Platform (CDTV) by cable mode, facing the whole country. At present, it's rolling 18 hours a day.

Online Channel Coverage: Online Channel is currently located in 24 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), covering 60 million users and 300,000 paying users. As a professional TV channel of gambling, lottery online channel is mainly aimed at lottery audience, and radiates the audience interested in lottery culture.

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