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CASTV (China Arab TV) is a Dubai-based satellite television station. It was approved by the State Media Commission of the United Arab Emirates to issue a satellite TV license and was approved by the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in May 2017 to set up a permanent news agency in China, the "China News Center of China-Arab Satellite TV".

The core orientation of China-Arab Satellite TV is a window for the Chinese people and the Arab people to understand each other. The content of the program mainly focuses on the important news, economic and trade cooperation between China and Arab countries. At the same time, it publicizes the excellent contents of "One Belt, One Road" and Chinese culture. China-Arab Satellite TV is the only satellite TV station in 22 Arab countries and regions controlled by Chinese capital. It is the local media in Arab countries. It is licensed by the State Media Commission of the United Arab Emirates for free viewing.

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