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Every modern city has its own characteristic culture. Chongqing is a young and vigorous municipality directly under its jurisdiction. Urban culture is the essence of urban channel. Metropolitan Channel strives to build Chongqing's local "city channel", which is Chongqing's "strong city station". The content of the program revolves around "life, fashion, information, interaction", covering the concept of "urban information". The urbanization orientation with strong pertinence serves the most consuming urban population with urbanization style, urbanization atmosphere and urbanization rhythm.

Self-made column resources: self-made column "Food in China", "Everyone has something to do", "Recording Chongqing". Introducing column resources: entertainment programs such as "Luyu Youyi", "Super Visit", "Husband and wife Theater" and new star interview "Millet Millet Millet". Film and TV drama resources: three theatres throughout the day, a total of nine episodes; a film.

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