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Chongqing Radio and Television Group (Head Station). China Automobile and Motorcycle Channel is approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. It is also the only professional TV channel specializing in automobile and motorcycle programs in China, which is broadcasted nationwide through the digital TV program platform of CCTV.

This channel integrates industry information, self-driving travel, automobile knowledge, new car publishing and automobile culture. It strives to build China's automobile media carrier, network famous automobile enterprises at home and abroad, disseminate the latest production, sales, research and development information of automobile industry in an all-round way, and display automobile enterprises, consumers, car lovers and modern society from various angles. The automobile culture.

"China Motorcycle Channel" was broadcasted on January 1, 2004 and transmitted to the whole country on September 1, 2004. It has 6-hour programs every day and 24-hour rolling broadcasting. It has now settled in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country, with nearly 10 million audiences as of January 2007. In 2007, it became one of the core members of China Mainstream Auto TV Union.

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