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Chongqing TV Children's Channel takes children aged 1-14 as the main audience through integrating existing resources and building new brand programs. Combining various activities, the concept of channel industrialization creates a new situation. After the rectification, the children's channel will achieve the integration of brand, channel and program. Create a cartoon channel brand with its own style and characteristics and a cartoon column with its own unique style.

Different from the traditional youth channels, visual animation will integrate the high-quality forces of society, fully inject cartoon elements, create an interactive and responsive channel impression, and face a wider audience, so as to achieve brand promotion. Chongqing TV Children's Channel's overall style and characteristics are positioned to reflect originality, health, positive, sunshine and wisdom. In the specific implementation, the first step is to create TICO cartoon brand image, and the second step is to achieve channel identification symbols through the moderator's shaping. Channel promotion activities are mainly arranged. Enter the activities into the campus and the community, exert influence among the citizens, establish the channel image, and expand the channel and brand awareness.

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