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Changchun Citizen Channel Live Broadcast, Changchun TV Citizen Life Channel Live Broadcast, Changchun three sets of live broadcasting.

The citizen channel of Changchun TV Station adheres to the channel aim of "serving the citizens" and devotes itself to creating "five platforms", namely, the platform of Changchun news and information gathering, the information platform most suitable for Changchun people's life, the platform of providing public services, the platform of expressing public comments and the platform of organizing urban social activities. Innovative and creative work concept, so that citizens channel unique positioning, delicate structure, excellent programs, beautifully packaged. The cooperative concept of being a person, doing things and making things has made Citizen Channel have sincere friends, extensive attention and strong support. The concept of symbiosis, sharing and win-win development has created opportunities for partners and boomed the development of citizen channels. It has become a popular brand channel of "close to the citizens, serve the citizens, connect with the hearts and minds of the citizens, and share good fortune with each other". 

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