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Datong Educational Television Station was founded in 1990. It was broadcasted on July 1 of the same year. The transmission mode is wired, wireless and network. The program covers the city and surrounding counties (districts) with a radius of 50 kilometers and a population of 2 million. In terms of column construction, we adhere to the goal of "building the largest learning platform in the whole city". The program covers basic education, vocational education, adult education, management education, ideological and moral education, family education, health education, legal education, political news and educational information.

More than 20 columns have been produced and introduced, including "Datong Education News", "New Countryside. New Construction", "Little Master Paradise", "Happy English", "Famous Family Forum", "World Famous School", "On Confucius", "Funny Nature", "New Perspective" and "Love Life", which have received good publications. Will benefit, won the audience's wide acclaim. Now it has become an indispensable professional media for the people in Datong city and surrounding counties (districts), especially for teachers, students and parents of students to obtain knowledge and information.

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