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As the first documentary channel in China, Docu TV, Shanghai Media Group (SMG) was founded on January 1st, 2002. Docu TV started airing 24/7 since 2012 and was available in both standard and high definition in 2013. On June 16th, 2014, Docu TV became a national documentary satellite channel and will cover 300 million audiences throughout China by the end of 2014.

Over the development in the past decade, Docu TV has established itself as a unique TV cultural landmark and a high-end, rational and mature brand image whose core audiences are male with high consumption capacity, educational background and social status.

As a leading media platform and production base of Chinese documentary, Docu TV is guided by its “True for You” motto and actively building a professional documentary channel brand that satisfies the needs of high-end audiences. Based in Shanghai and covering the entire China, Docu TV makes full devotion to producing excellent programs with time spirit and displaying the pursuit of high-grade culture. Under the premise of staying true, Docu TV constantly introduces diversified creative techniques and vividly depicts extensive and in-depth historical, humanity, geographical, natural and social topics in rich forms.

The programs produced by Docu TV includes Documentary Editing Room, Old Time, Master, and Was, which have led to a documentary production and broadcast highland with characteristics, remarkable depth and impact. Over the years, many realistic themed documentaries of Docu TV have become instant classics such as The Red Race, A Place Called Home, Last House Standing, Po Po Ma Ma, Lulu Is a Dog, Idle People in Society, Circus School, andCloudy Mountain. Meanwhile, documentaries including The Bund,Magnificent Projects, Maritime Silk Road, Wild Kashgar, The Huangpu River, Tibet, When Le Louvre Museum Meets the Forbidden City, and Education are all recognized as works of culture benchmark. Docu TV has won numerous major awards in China and abroad, including China Radio & Television Award, China TV Golden Award, Asian Television Awards and The George Foster Peabody Awards.

In future, Docu TV will further improve its cultural value chain of communication, content production and brand management to launch a leading brand of Chinese documentary.

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