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OCJ is an all-media online shopping platform with the most diverse channels for sales. Specialized in video shopping, OCJ owns two TV channels, covering 55 million subscribers from 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. Meanwhile, it provides products and services to customers nationwide through its multi-media three-dimensional sales platform, which includes website, mobile terminal, catalog, IPTV, radio, etc. Since its launch, it has introduced such product categories as car, real estate, insurance, tourism, education, finance, etc, creating many firsts in China’s TV shopping history and leading the trend of the industry in China.

OCJ has achieved sustained sales growth, with a volume of 9.6 billion yuan in 2015, remaining in the No. 1 position in China’s family shopping industry and single-store sales in retail in Shanghai. In 2015, the mobile channel became the second biggest only next to TV, which was a milestone in the transformation towards the mobile Internet. The overseas shopping service, namely OCJ Global Shopping, has also been launched, bringing the consumers greater variety of products, personalized consumption modes and convenient shopping experience.

In the future, building upon its leadership in TV shopping, and leveraging its core competitiveness in media credibility and capabilities in video production, product development and service-based marketing, OCJ will establish an all-media online shopping platform that combines TV and mobile devices, and print and video media, to attract more attention and consumption from young customers. The channel will promote products with new concepts and high quality and those changing people’s lives. Taking “high quality, strict quality control, fast logistics and satisfactory service” as the slogan, it endeavors to create value for consumers continuously.

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