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Dazhou TV News Channel is the main channel of Dazhou TV. Taking "Witness Dazhou, Know the World" as the purpose of the channel, the main task is to convey the voice of the Party and the government, and to publicize the central work of the Municipal Committee and the municipal government. News programs are localized, informative and service-oriented. With current political news as the focus of comprehensive news channel, social news as the point of view, in-depth reporting as a breakthrough, the most lively, authentic and vivid news from Dazhou citizens provide delicious spiritual food for the broad audience.

The Dazhou News Comprehensive Channel mainly focuses on two news programs, "Dazhou News" (Current Political News) and "Gold 800" (People's Livelihood News), reflecting the authority, authenticity, timeliness, seriousness and atmosphere of the main channel. At the same time, the channel has launched the columns of "Morning Report", "Night News", "Dazhou Dialogue", "Universal Law of All", and "Dazhou Elegance" to establish the main channel image of "Family Affairs, State Affairs, World Affairs, News, New Knowledge and New Dazhou". The Channel has run "Family Joy Theater", "Sunshine Theater", "People's Theater", "Star Night Theater", which provides a rich and colorful spiritual and cultural food for the television audience. In advertising broadcasting, we must resolutely put an end to vulgar, vulgar, and other bad and false advertising. At the same time, a large number of public service advertisements, such as loving the motherland, stressing civilization and creating a new breeze, have been arranged to build a green channel with elegant style and pure screen.

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