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Emei Film Channel of Sichuan TV Station is a media broadcasting organization approved by the State Administration of Radio, Television and Television and the Propaganda Department of the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. It is the only professional film channel in Sichuan Province and the first television media with independent legal personality and enterprise operation in Sichuan Province. Its legal entity is Emei Film Frequency in Sichuan Province. Dao Management Co., Ltd.

The channel was tested on January 1, 2005 and broadcasted formally on March 6, 2005. As the only professional film and television channel in Sichuan, the program setting of Emei Film Channel fully reflects the audience's viewing orientation, including TV series, movies, film appreciation columns, fashion and entertainment information, Sichuan TV Emei Film Column, documentary-style in-depth reports and other forms of programs, 24 hours apart. Broadcasting. Every evening program includes five time sections: influence, disc, crystal theatre and first class film and television, which bring audiences a full range of cultural return and entertainment experience.

Widely welcomed by the audience, has built a solid foundation for viewing. Chengdu has a long cultural heritage, and the land of Bashu has infinite charm. Emei Film Channel is based in Chengdu, looking at the world, focusing on the characteristics of the television market in southwest China, focusing on Chinese films, television and documentaries from a civilian perspective. We strive to bring rich information and brand-new ideas to the audience, so that the content of the channel program has an impact on most parts of the province, and improve the awareness, ratings and reputation of the program.

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