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Founded in 1993 as one of the subsidiaries of the multi-media conglomerate Fairchild Media Group, Fairchild Television was the first Chinese media corporation to operate nationwide in Canada.

With the head office located in Vancouver, Fairchild Television has set up two other regional offices in Toronto and Calgary. In order to better serve the increasing number of Chinese immigrants, Fairchild Television constantly works towards bringing viewers the latest and most popular Asian dramas, entertainment programs, variety shows, investigative reports and news and current affairs programs. Through Fairchild Television, Chinese immigrants can be updated on the latest news and cultural trends of Asia every minute of the day. Fairchild Television also puts its best efforts into producing local daily news and other programming to assist new immigrants in quickly adapting to and immerging into Canadian culture and lifestyle. Fairchild Television also takes pride in its annual productions of variety shows such as Miss Chinese Vancouver and Miss Chinese Toronto Pageants, and New Talent Singing Awards. Through both satellite and cable services, Chinese Canadians are able to enjoy over twenty hours of high-quality Chinese television programming daily.

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