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SiTV Law Life, a 24-hour 24-hour legal channel, is based on the concept of "promoting socialist rule of law, promoting judicial justice and safeguarding judicial authority," in order to "guide the spirit of rule of law, integrate information on the rule of law," Provide legal services "for content positioning. Channel to the audience of the entire age group, 45 - 65 years old family consumption decision-makers as the main audience.

Rule of Law News

Live broadcast of professional legal news programs, from a legal point of view, the world's latest and fastest legal events. The column adheres to the socialist concept of rule of law, has the authority of law and the timeliness of news, with the distinctive legal angle of view, closely links the pulse of China's rule of law process, pays close attention to the hot events in the field of rule of law, pays close attention to the exercise of public power according to law, Pay Attention to the Protection of Rights and Interests of Social Vulnerable Groups.

Premiere: 19: 30-20: OO a.m

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