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Fujian TV news channel opened on May 23, 1999. It is the first professional news channel in mainland China. From international to domestic, from major events to minor events, from rapid reporting to in-depth analysis, from current affairs politics to fashion leisure, Fujian TV News Channel provides 24-hour high-quality information service for you, making the world smaller and enlarging your horizons.

The channel's 24-hour rolling news program structure is a cause for concern, and its two slogans are even more refreshing. One of these two slogans is "more and faster information and services" and the other is "information changes life". This was indeed very bold at that time, because in addition to the requirements of the Party for news propaganda, the attributes of the tertiary industry and service industry of information service itself are quite obvious; good information service will also change people's ideas, so as to improve the quality of life.

At the beginning of the establishment of Fujian News Channel, besides the selection criterion of "information available for reference", it also initiated the renewal of expression. That is to say, different broadcasting modes are adopted according to different categories of columns, and different expressions are adopted in the face of different column audiences. It had a great impact on me when I was working in the Taili News Center at that time.

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