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Gansu Children's Channel is the only professional children's TV channel in Gansu Province, which mainly serves children's study, life and wisdom, and takes "growing up happily, learning interestingly, healthy vitality, colorful harmony" as the basic idea. Channels not only face young people aged 1-18, but also take into account the children's grandparents, grandmothers, housekeepers and other marginal audiences. As a young professional TV channel in our province, it broadcasts continuously for 16 hours from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. the next day. The main contents are Chinese and foreign movies, TV dramas, film and television information and entertainment topics.

The broadcasting of Channel Movie and Television Dramas is theatrical. Three theatres, Wonderful 930, Happy 7:30 and Leisure Time, are set up respectively. They mainly broadcast domestic theme dramas with fresh style, healthy and upward, Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas with lively rhythm and strong sense of the times, and Japanese and Korean dramas.

In the past three years, the theatre has broadcasted a number of shocking TV works, which are well known and welcomed by the audience. In addition, the TV information columns introduced by the channel, such as "Daily Culture Broadcast", "Universal Movies and Television", "Entertainment in the World", "Movie and Television Express", "Brave Mobilization" are deeply loved by professional workers and fans for their elegant style and rich content.

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