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Guizhou Television Photography Channel is a paid channel of Guizhou Television Station. Its main programs are "China Photography Report", "Take care of the world", "Focus", "Appreciation of masterpieces", "Video Classroom" and "Take photos of the world".

There are no commercial advertisements, no TV series, only beautiful pictures and beautiful scenery; there is a period of shooting experience; there is a picture story and legend. If you are an accomplished photographer, here is an opportunity to share your success; if you are a novice photographer, express your maiden work, experts will give you advice; if you have not played the camera, but you like to enjoy the photos, we will certainly as you wish: make your vision happy Here is the CCTV pay channel, Guizhou TV Photography Channel.

With the banner of "Chinese Photography" held high, the photography channel aims at "new perspective" of digital TV, "comprehensive interaction" of TV programs, and "comprehensive focus" in the field of image. It follows the process of the overall translation of China's TV digitalization, and strives to make the photography channel a national photographer and a broad audience of digital TV. Favorite, authoritative, professional, international and popular television channels. At present, it has nearly 20 columns covering more than 150 key cities and regions in China. With your eyes, China Photography Report focuses on the world's photographers, the only authoritative, most timely and comprehensive photographic dynamic in China, the "news broadcast" of the Chinese photography industry - China Photography Report, reporting on Chinese photography! 

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