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Ganzhou Science and Education Channel Logo

Ganzhou TV's three sets of science and education Agricultural channels aim at "publicizing science, spreading civilization and serving the construction of new countryside", based on education and facing the countryside. They are public welfare channels with the main task of "publicizing culture and science, disseminating practical information, developing education for all and creating a better future".

The establishment of Ganzhou TV station's science and education Agricultural channel is a fact that Ganzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government run for the peasants of the whole city, and it is also another new development height of Ganzhou radio and television undertakings. Ganzhou TV Science and Education Agricultural Channel broadcasts more than 16 hours a day. The main programs introduced are classical films and TV dramas and popular agricultural science programs. At present, there are four self-run programs, namely "Ganzhou New Countryside" and "Seven Colors Happy Park".

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