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As the trump ground channel in Guizhou Province, the public channel of Guizhou Television Station knows more about the general situation and structure of economic development in Guizhou Province. According to market demand, for key economic cities, intensive cultivation and intensive coverage work, in 2008, the public channel of Guizhou Television Station has achieved 88 county and city coverage in Guizhou Province, affecting the lives of nearly 40 million people.

For channel positioning, programming, program format, etc., channel program settings are based on local consumers'viewing habits and preferences. Focusing on the most popular TV champion program "People's Concern" in the province, we will build a 24-hour live news broadcasting platform, get to know the people's consultation for the first time, and convey the people's voice for the first time.

Guizhou Public Channel ranks second among all visual channels in Guiyang City Network from 18:00 to 24:00 p.m., firmly controlling the voice of Guiyang Ground TV media.

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