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Guizhou TV Film and Television Literature Channel, the channel with the highest female preference in Guizhou, is the earliest trump TV channel in Guizhou Province, and the only professional channel in Guizhou to realize 24-hour broadcast of TV series at present. Guizhou Television Literature and Art Channel, relying on Guizhou Television's huge budget for purchasing dramas and professional selection team, maintains a number of ground first-round dramas broadcast in turn throughout the year. It has a huge family audience in Guizhou Province, and is also the channel with the highest preference of female audience in Guizhou Province.

Guizhou Film and Television Literature Channel's main column: "Good Opera 7:30" broadcasting time: 19:30-22:30 Guizhou TV Film and Television Literature Channel "Ace Theater" - "Good Opera 7:30", a collection of the latest domestic popular dramas, to create the first family theater suitable for the whole family. Collection Channel "the most golden time, the most golden resources", for the audience to deliver a film and television dinner at the same time, but also for corporate advertising to build an excellent platform. In addition, the theatre creates a brand bundling business promotion model, integrates multi-channel media resources for TV drama publicity, star meetings, etc., to create an offline interactive and penetrating terminal influence platform for the naming/contracting enterprises.

"Patterning Theatre" broadcasting time: 22:30-24:00 to "high-end audience in the evening" as the target audience of the theme-specific arrangement of "Patterning Theatre", after two years of investigation and demonstration, its "high-end" communication value highlighted. In 2011, the film and television literary channel continued to consolidate and deepen the construction of the TV brand in this evening period. With high purchasing power men as the main theme, we will arrange the hottest and latest domestic drama series all year round to create the most direct and fastest target audience direct-hit platform for high-end products.

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