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The popular life channel of Guizhou TV station is located in the fashion entertainment channel. The channel slogan "i (love) - life, true happiness" is arranged as a whole around the young audience of Guizhou from 25 to 40 years old. It absorbs young fashion elements such as movies, fashion entertainment programs, star fans'clubs, love public welfare activities and grass-roots talent shows. New consumers in Guizhou Province. The popular life channel of Guizhou TV Station is the trump card channel for the ground channel group of Guizhou TV Station to absorb young consumers.

The main columns of Guizhou Mass Life Channel are: personalized news programs in the era of personal media in all directions; the first program in China to collect news materials using C2C mode; this program will make full use of the TV screen, develop the depth of traditional media in depth and three-dimensional, and achieve instant and comprehensive interaction with the audience. To build a platform for audiences and audiences, new media and traditional media.

Decrypted Space Decrypted Space - a program that can truly enter the hearts, emotions and lives of the audience; the column is full of natural topics of concern to the audience about love and sympathy, beauty and ugliness, reason and law, morality and humanity, and is the first media platform for emotional talk of urban families.

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