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Founded in 2009, Hainan News Channel is the only all-weather and all-information channel in Hainan, which is positioned as "high-end, professional". It strives to build a panoramic live broadcasting information platform with the most "influence" and "credibility" in the mainland. It forges high standard news content for more than 4 hours a day and sets up a local media benchmark.

Layout of new media seamlessly integration of micro-blogging and micro-blogging and editing line "integration" infinite power. Hainan News Channel's official Wechat Public Number ranks in the top five of the province's new media.

In January 2009, Hainan Radio and Television News Channel began broadcasting. Hainan News Channel mainly focuses on news and information columns. The columns of Hainan News Channel include:

News Express: There are four files in a day to update the latest news in Hainan. Broadcasting time: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 a day

"The world is very different": Interesting news at home and abroad is interpreted from a unique news perspective, so that the audience can enjoy the news. Broadcast time: 18:25 every day, 23:00 the same day, 08:00 the next day, 11:00 replay.

Hainan News Channel "Sayings" broadcasts political and legal news events from a unique perspective. Broadcast time: 19:25 a day, 14:15 the next day.

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