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Best One Home shopping channel is a major exploration of industrial transformation of Zhejiang Radio & TV Group, and a brand-new attempt to serve the public of Radio & TV Group. As a brand-new economic mode of serving the public of Radio, Film and Television Group, Good Easy Purchase always adheres to two main service purposes: To provide diversified shopping choices for consumers and to improve the quality of life of residents; Contribute to social development and promote the development of local enterprises and local brands. The family television shopping this kind of consumption way is very convenient, efficient, is adapting to the consumption demand of the contemporary society consumer.

Best One Home shopping channel is based on consumers and offers three virtual sales channels: Shopping TV channels and programs, shopping websites and shopping magazines. It provides consumers in Zhejiang with diversified and personalized consumption choices, and enables urban and rural residents to enjoy high-quality services and popular commodities at the same time.

Best One Home shopping channel also provides high-quality sales platform for manufacturers to promote the economic development of Zhejiang. We pay great attention to win-win cooperation with local enterprises in Zhejiang. Introduced "the boss," "Subel," "Hu Qingyu Hall" and other local well-known brands. In 2009, in the face of the low tide of the world economy, Good Easy Buy responded to the national call to bridge the business lines, help small enterprises to increase product sales and overcome economic difficulties.

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