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Starting from the "public" point of departure, Hubei Public Channel establishes a new channel positioning - "public, government, political and legal" channel positioning. Public: It embodies the public service function of public channel in serving cities and counties, and the communication responsibility between headquarters and counties. "Closer contact with cities and counties, more in-depth service for cities and counties, and establish distinct local characteristics".

The new edition of Public Administration News will aim at "serving public administration, answering policy doubts and building up citizen consciousness", and start from answering policy doubts and explaining policy connotation, guide the public to pay attention to government affairs, participate in the discussion of public administration matters, cultivate citizen consciousness, promote public administration, and promote scientific governance. Government democracy.

Hubei Public Channel TV Programs: Talk Every Day, Public News, Movie Watching, Hurricane Theater, Big City Events, No Food Show, Beauty Pass, Dance Top Prize, All-Star Song Festival, etc.

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