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On January 28, 2011, the agricultural publicity and television channel approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television was set up with the call number of Hubei Longshang Channel. The transmission mode is intended to be a hybrid transmission of cable TV and wireless transmission, covering the whole province.

Hunan Longshang Channel aims at serving "agriculture, countryside and farmers" and the construction of new countryside. At present, its own columns include "Longshang New Meteorology", "Longshang Live Broadcast", "Longshang Story Fair", "Longshang Happy Send-off" and so on. Providing rich programs of current affairs, science and technology, information, culture and entertainment for rural, peasant, agricultural and rural workers will mainly be oriented to the production and life of peasants, providing agricultural information for peasants, disseminating agricultural science and technology knowledge, reflecting the rich and colorful life of peasant friends, as well as the agricultural population and the agricultural resources to which they belong. Enterprises have strong pertinence and service.

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