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HEBTV-5 was established on the basis of the original Hebei TV Science and Technology Education Channel. Since the beginning of broadcasting, it has taken "increasing knowledge, opening mind, enjoying teaching, cultivating sentiment, and cultivating four new people" as the orientation of the program, relying on professional brand and rich resources, covering three major areas of children, science and technology, and education. The audience group covers the vast number of children and adolescents in the province and its surrounding areas, teachers and students in primary and secondary schools and professionals concerned about science and technology and education.

Hebei TV Children's Science and Education Channel began preparations in early 2004 and officially launched on October 18. It has been broadcasting for nearly three years. Children's Science and Education Channel upholds the brand concept of "Opening Wisdom Tomorrow". Unique professional brand, covering children, science and technology, education three major areas, rich in resources. Clear channel positioning, the majority of children, students, parents and professionals concerned about science and technology, education, and successful people above the high school education level as the main audience. Scientific and rational linear arrangement and highlighting the history and humanities, educational services, scientific and technological frontiers, children's entertainment and other characteristics of wonderful programs. It broadcasts 19.5 hours a day.

The channel currently has 11 columns: self-run programs: Textbook Connection, Search, Growth, Youth Rubik's Cube, Cool Car Zone and Children's Sound. Packaging Programs: Encyclopedia Exploration, Children's World, Military Archives, Luyu Contract, Science Fiction and TV Appreciation. Large-scale activities: Children's Party on June 1st, etc. Special program: College Entrance Examination Consultation. Five Theatres: Golden Theatre, Family Joy Theatre, Midday Theatre, Children's Theatre and Tiantian Theatre. Children's Science and Education Channel has gradually had its own viewing group, and its viewing share has gradually increased.

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