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Hami Uighur Integrated Channel Logo

The Hami Uyghur Comprehensive Channel integrates local news, life, culture, economy, and original audio and video programs. It serves the TV viewers' channel with authoritative political reports, special topics that are close to the lives of the people, and rich TV dramas and other comprehensive programs.

Hami News, premiered at 20:30 every day, each period lasts 20 minutes.

The Hami Chronicle is a Uyghur news feature that is premiered on a set of programs at 22:00 every Tuesday for 15 minutes a week.

"Golden Land" is a special program for agricultural services. It is premiered on two sets at 15:00 every Friday for 15 minutes, every two weeks.

"Hami Zero Distance", which is broadcast three times a week in two sets of programs, with a duration of 15 minutes.

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