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Henan TV Station Metropolitan Channel is a comprehensive provincial-level terrestrial channel, which focuses on social news and integrates film and television, entertainment and information, and is the extension and supplement of Henan Satellite Channel.

Since its launch on October 20, 1997, the Metropolitan Channel has been maturing in the training of time, with a new number of variables, It has fully covered 18 prefectural cities, 20 county-level cities and 98 counties in Henan Province by means of wired optical fiber and wireless transmission, and its audience population is nearly 100 million.

At present, there are 10 columns for self-control and editing, with a volume of self-control programs of five and a half hours a day and 24 hours broadcast uninterruptedly, which have successfully created its own unique and influential brand columns "Metropolis Daily" and "Metropolis Daily Channel Expanded Edition." "Emotion Code," "City Express," "Super Baby," "Star Factory - Two Little Bees," "Star Factory - You Most Talent," "Diyu Sunnet" and so on.

So far, the city channel top time audience rate reached 46%, the Henan station and the city channel since the start of the record high (according to the CCTV Sofori media research company ratings survey). Every night from 19: 30 to 22: 00, urban channels in the Zhengzhou area have formed a "urban newspaper channel" and "urban theater" as the center of the average higher than 14% of the high viewing area.

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