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Channel 3 of Henan TV Station (Economic and Life Channel) was officially launched on April 1, 2001, which is another characteristic provincial TV channel created by Henan TV Station after satellite channel and city channel.

In 2004, Channel 3 of Henan TV Station took the lead in putting forward the channel concept of "people's livelihood as the basis," with "expressing people's livelihood, gaining public opinion and expressing people's feelings" as the program orientation, focusing on highlighting the people's livelihood of the channel. Channel 3 of Henan TV station broadcasts 18 hours throughout the day, and the program covers the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration and 18 prefecture-level cities across the province through cable network and wireless transmission. The program covers people's livelihood news, hot TV dramas and life information. Financial trends and variety of entertainment and other aspects.

In terms of the overall structure of the program, taking the large-scale news information column "Minsheng Big Reference" as the brand leader, and taking "Xiangxiang Food," "Lao Cai Wei" and "Minsheng Image" as the backbone, the special self-run column in prime time in the evening has been constructed. In programming, the whole day to implement the layout of the program, the program between the implementation of progressive preview system, the realization of the same kind of program clever collocation, to a greater extent to meet the needs of viewers.

In 2008, with the approval of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Henan TV Station Economic and Life Channel was officially renamed Henan TV Station People's Livelihood Channel, becoming the first television people's livelihood channel in the true sense of the country. Xu guangchun, secretary of the henan provincial party committee, wrote: "Pay close attention to the people's situation, reflect the public opinion, serve the people, gather the people's hearts," the opening speech.

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