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TV Channel of Henan TV Station - - The Only Specialized TV Channel in Henan Province. As a brand-new member of Central Plains TV screen, it is also the most forward-looking and exploratory new force in Henan TV media.

Seize the opportunity to strive for progress, the rapid development of the TV channel has become the first terrestrial channel in Henan, and further grow into the province's most affinity and loyalty of the professional TV broadcast platform, With the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration as the center, it radiated Henan Province, and became one of the three strong income-generating channels for Henan TV stations to generate more than 100 million yuan of advertising income.

As a pioneer media in the province's channel specialization exploration, with the support of leaders at various levels such as Henan Provincial Radio, Film and Television Bureau and Henan TV Station, the network coverage of TV series channels has sprung up in the province, showing a high starting point. Rapid development of the good situation: From the start of broadcasting, TV channels through fiber-optic network, cable coverage of 18 cities throughout the province; With the continuous maturity of the Henan market, the radio coverage of the channels has further expanded to the whole province, covering the main areas of the province through eleven transmitters including Zhengzhou, Gongyi, Nanyang, Xinyang, Sanmenxia and Shangqiu. The comprehensive coverage ratio has been continuously upgraded and improved, and at present, the effective arrival rate of programs is steadily at the forefront of all terrestrial channels.


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