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News channels insist on highlighting current political reporting. Every night at 7: 30, will broadcast the authoritative political report "Henan News," mainly broadcast the province's major news, and satellite channels every night at 6: 30 "Henan News Union" together to form a strong position for news broadcast.

The channel will adhere to the civilian perspective, through "DV observation" and other columns to focus on the people's livelihood, reflecting the people's feelings and voices. At the same time, "reporter discovery," "editor-in-chief speech," "accountability and observation" and a number of in-depth thematic programs, will effectively extend the content of news. At the same time, there are two columns of supervision of public opinion in order to strengthen the supervision of public opinion. In this way, we can realize the unification of positive publicity and public opinion supervision, the unification of policy authority release and expert interpretation, and the unification of in-depth reporting and exclusive attention, so as to further strengthen the public opinion guiding ability of news channels. The 24-hour rolling captions air-cast the news.

News channels adhere to the creation of roulette system and evening, morning, noon three important time. Specifically, the news channel will take "Henan News" as the lead, supplemented by "Central Plains Morning News," "Central Plains Evening News," "Whole Point News" every two hours, and 24-hour closed-caption aircast news, forming a news channel all-weather, Large roulette news broadcast system. At the same time, the news channel in the layout of the early, middle and late three periods, aiming at different audience groups, with the concept of diversity to create a number of peak ratings. "Zhou Shaocheng said that in the evening, the major news columns are mainly focused on the authoritative broadcast of news, the main columns are" Henan News, "" Central Plains Point of View, "" News late exchange "and so on; Morning period with "early" and "new" as characteristics, the main service information and information, the main columns are "Central Plains Morning News," "Consumer Guide" and so on; During the lunch hour, focusing on people's livelihood and focusing on hot spots, focusing on people's livelihood news, social hot issues and international news. The main columns include "Zhongyuan Wubao" and "Responsibility and Observation."

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