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Henan TV station public channel began broadcasting on January 1, 2001, is now Henan TV station channel 8. According to the regulations of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), public channels belong to the public welfare policy channels, whose main function is to serve the cities and counties of the whole province, undertake the platform functions of "connecting the cities and counties, displaying the windows of Henan," and at the same time, according to the propaganda layout of provincial bureaus and provincial channels, Set up news, tourism, entertainment and other columns to play the role of comprehensive channels.

The channel has the advantage of covering the cities and counties of the whole province, which is guaranteed by the state policy, and has close cooperative relationship with the television stations in the cities of 18 provinces and major counties, and has certain influence in the vast TV audience of the whole province at present. During the 20 hours of the day, there are news and topics; Literature and art, tourism; There are TV dramas and movies. We also introduce some excellent columns at home and abroad.

Channel 8 of Henan TV Station takes "Love, Help, Public Welfare, Charity" as its positioning concept. Starting from May 8, 2007, the channel has launched new programming, and four innovative columns of new programming have blossomed: Focus on creating a self-run daily broadcast column "DV Observation," which is filmed by DV correspondents. The object of attention is the unexpected events in the ordinary people's life, the events around them, new events and touching events, showing the first time, the first scene and the first feeling from the perspective of the common people.

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