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Henan television station international channel official trial broadcast. On October 19, at 0: 00, after six months of intensive preparations, the international channel of our station will be officially tested, and the international channel signals will fully realize the landing of overseas customers and live broadcast on the network through the mapping network.

The overall orientation of Henan International Channel is to "disseminate Chinese civilization and display Henan today." In line with the tenet of "basing on Henan, facing the world, gathering the essence and highlighting the characteristics," the channel will fully tap the advantages of Chinese surnames, kungfu culture, national treasures and other cultural relics. A television channel dominated by traditional culture such as martial arts, surnames, cultural relics and operas was formed, and a cultural brand with Central Plains features and Chinese characteristics was created to promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation for Chinese people at home and abroad and the mainstream society.

Henan international channel, based on denver time in the United States, is broadcast 24 hours a day, adopting the broadcast mode of 8 hours × 3, the first broadcast content of 8 hours a day will be combined with scientific editing and broadcasting.

The main contents include "Henan News Broadcasting," "Wulin Style," "Kung Fu Class" Wushu Program Belt, "" Record China "" See East "Special Program Belt," "Story China" Hua Xia Theater "TV Program Belt, And "Li Yuan Chun," "Hua Yu door," "Chinese character hero," "know the root know the bottom" satellite TV boutique program belt and so on. After the test broadcast, CCTV Chinese International Channel, Beijing Television International Channel, Fujian Straits Satellite TV and other brother channels congratulated each other, saying that we had received the signal of our international channel live on the network.

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