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Hubei Traffic Channel Logo

China Traffic Channel officially landed in Hubei Province. The channel is a professional high-definition digital TV channel in the national transportation industry, which is jointly created by China Radio International and the Transportation Administration of the Ministry of Public Security.

With the aim of "publishing authoritative information, transmitting industry information, advocating civilized travel and promoting people's well-being", the channel is committed to building the most authoritative, comprehensive service function and the most extensive comprehensive multi-media transportation publishing platform in the industry. China Traffic Channel will integrate the characteristics of traditional and emerging media such as TV, radio, network and mobile interconnection, and highlight the platform advantages of coverage, arrival rate and service. The successful landing in Hubei Province not only provides a broader platform for displaying the police appearance and features of the traffic police in Hubei Province, but also provides a more comprehensive and authoritative traffic information travel service platform for the people of Hubei Province.

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