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International Channel Shanghai (ICS) is the only comprehensive multi-media platform in China broadcasting in English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Everyday, ICS produces 2 hours of video contents including news, feature stories, documentaries, and talk shows, the material covers every aspect of Shanghai’s finance, current affair, fashion, culture, and lifestyle.  ICS’s production team is made up of skilled professionals who have won a number of domestic and international awards, including first prize at the 23rd China News Awards, and the 17th Asian Television Award Cable & Satellite Channel of the Year.

ICS is available in 9 million cable TV households in Shanghai, and reaches an even wider audience through IPTV. Its website: provides on-line live broadcast and stored program requests 24 hour a day. ICS iPhone and iPad Apps have provides mobile watching experience. The channel’s new media platform, ShanghaiEye, contains comprehensive information on Shanghai lifestyle, entertainment, government policy, history, and culture. Bolstered by support from ICS, this platform provides users with an array of tools that can be used by foreign residents living in Shanghai to help them make the most of the city they live in, or by those interested in Shanghai to discover its beauty.

By broadcasting 4 hours daily in the greater New York area, ICS is now a truly international broadcaster. Depending on its well-established work relations with mainstream overseas media, ICS carried out a series of overseas TV week to display the unique cosmopolitan air of Shanghai. ICS provides programming to other countries and regions including the U.S., Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, as well as parts of African countries.

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