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Jilin University TV Station is the first university TV station in Jilin Province approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

Jida News focuses on campus life and focuses on Jida News. This column follows the pace of schools, guides the direction of public opinion and propagates advanced models.

"Information Jida" Jida pays attention to the world, and information affection is around. This column pays close attention to the major events and trifles around the students, focusing on them from a high point and making them simple in depth.

"Beside" records life with lens, so that moving around. As a news documentary program, use the camera to record the touches around you.

Jida Weekly has insight into all kinds of campus attitudes, interprets the latest hot spots, excavates the news behind the news, and carries media thinking with lens and text.

This column pays attention to the world's major events and trifles, and finds out the golden spots of news through in-depth excavation. Social Science Lecture presents the lectures of famous scholars at home and abroad in front of the audience, so that the audience can not go out to experience the academic feast.

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