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JTV-2 (Jining TV Education Channel) 10KW wireless transmission, 12 counties and urban areas wireless, cable network dual coverage, 7:00 broadcast, 24:10 broadcast, 17 hours of continuous broadcast throughout the day. It is a professional channel that mainly broadcasts movies and TV plays.

It was broadcast on January 1, 2004, covering 12 counties, urban areas and surrounding areas of Jining City, covering 12 million people. Broadcast "People's Theater", "Jingui Theater", "Men's Super Cinema", "Fashion FOLLOW ME", "Star 30" and other columns. The Jingui Theater (3 episodes broadcast continuously) broadcasted every night at 18:30 has a large number of loyal audiences in Jining City, with an average annual ratings of 5.8% and a viewing share of 10% - 12% (NMB ratings survey).

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