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Home-owned Shopping Channel, Home-owned Shopping Group Co., Ltd. is a national professional family shopping company relying on "Home-owned Shopping Channel", established in 2008, positioning "household goods, daily special price", providing customers with non-shop shopping services such as TV, network, commodity catalogue, and so on, aiming to build China's first-class modern home. Home shopping platform for articles.

The operation headquarters of Home Owned Shopping Group is set up in Beijing. There are Guizhou Home Owned, Henan Home Owned, Shanghai Home Owned, Jilin Home Owned, Ningxia Home Owned, and Beijing Home Owned Sub-companies in China.

Through innovative marketing concepts and operation modes, home shopping focuses on "household goods", carefully chooses well-known domestic and foreign high-quality household consumer products closely related to public life, and provides customers with kitchen goods, popular goods, daily necessities through various channels such as video channels, shopping websites, commodity catalogues, etc. High-quality goods and complete supporting services, such as beauty and skin care, household products and food, enable customers to enjoy rich and practical commodity information without leaving home, and enjoy all-weather, worry-free and surprise-filled family shopping experience.

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