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Jilin Life Channel is a professional TV channel which is close to the people and serves the public. It takes advocating high-quality life as the main line of the program, takes sublimating the realm of life, enriching the lifestyle and aesthetic fashion as its channel characteristics, and shows the channel concept of "good life, tasty".

The program covers people's livelihood services, top-notch TV series, life stories, life information, financial dynamics, sports and other aspects. It broadcasts 24 hours a day. Expressing people's livelihood, observing people's conditions and expressing people's opinions smoothly. In order to highlight the characteristics of serving life, Jilin Life Channel has devoted all efforts to creating a 45-minute large-scale livelihood service column "Talk About Something". Starting from January 1, 2008, the program takes the form of daily live broadcasting, closely focusing on the various livelihood issues reflected by the citizens, and resolving the practical difficulties in life for the common people face to face. "Pay attention to people's living conditions and living space, and strive to build a happy and harmonious way of life." This column not only serves the public, but also bears the social responsibility of the media.

Jilin Life Channel will also focus on the emotional life of the general public, and a series of emotional stories such as "Swallow Night Talk" are communicating with the audience at zero distance. Simple emotions and true stories show a delicious life. It provides the financial and economic information program "Economic Direction" of "100,000 How to Do" in the life of ordinary families. It leads the public to invest and manage finances in the form of public participation, and advocates the fashion of urban consumption.

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