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Jilin TV Movie and Video Channel officially launched on September 3, 2001. It covers the whole territory of Jilin Province through cable network. It is a professional channel under Jilin TV station, which mainly broadcasts movies and TV dramas.

Jilin TV Movie and Video Channel broadcasts 23 hours a day, divided into seven theatres, 6:55 in the morning, "Red Flame Theater" four episodes, mainly excellent TV series. 12:16 noon "Red Flame Cinema" wonderful film, to create a golden noon stall. 17:38 p.m.'Star Theater'is a brilliant play, with two episodes running in series. The main time of the day is 19:33 "Film and Television Broadcasting" and 21:50 "Big Film Stage". After five years of exploration and accumulation, the current video channel has become the second-best channel in Jilin Province. Have a stable audience and excellent advertising effect. stay

In 2006, film and video channel adjustment ideas, put forward the slogan of "Happy Star Fashion". Serving the whole people and entertaining the whole people will be the purpose of Ji-TV Movie and Video Channel in the future. It is the eternal pursuit of Ji-TV Movie and Video Channel to continuously deliver wonderful and beautiful programs to the audience.

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