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Jiangxi Educational Television Station belongs to the Educational Work Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee and the Education Department of Jiangxi Province. Since its launch in December 1994, Jiangxi Educational Television Station has always adhered to the purpose of "basing itself on big education, highlighting teenagers and serving the whole society". It takes "serving the learning society, running people's satisfaction education" as its responsibility, and actively propagandizes the party and the state's educational parties. Policies and policies, dissemination of advanced culture, popularization of scientific knowledge, service for the revitalization of the province through science and education, service for the reform and development of education, and service for the improvement of the quality of all citizens embody distinct educational characteristics.

In recent years, Jiangxi Educational Television Station has further strengthened the concept of "service education". It has achieved better social and economic benefits by focusing on education and propaganda, undertaking development and actively promoting transformation and development. Highlighted Column | Educational News | Party Building Voice | Intelligent Entrance Examination | I am the Overlord of Learning | Book inside and outside | Family School | Building a Dream of the Future | Singing Campus Education Column | Educational Informatization | Secretary-to-Secretary Face-to-face | Interview with University President | The Party takes Re Education as the First | Higher Education Weekly Newspaper | Vocational Teaching Style | Basic Education Exposition Safe Campus Creating Campus Business|

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