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Karamay Integrated Chinese Channel Logo

A set of comprehensive news channels in Karamay is a comprehensive news channel. The News Integrated Channel has set up "Karamay News," "Karamay People" and "Meet Studio," taking Karamay as the main tone of all programs, and setting up "Karamay News," "Karamay People" and "Meet Studio," taking news stations as consideration of other integrated channel positioning ideas. Self-run columns such as Oil City Forum.

In the future, the TV station will seek new changes, forge ahead, further improve its propaganda work, further strengthen its capacity for public opinion guidance, constantly improve its competitiveness and influence, and strive to build a first-class and strong regional media. Improve the cultural competitiveness and development of Karamay, for the development of cultural industry, building a strong culture city, to create a world oil city to make a positive contribution.

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