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Kungfu TV, China Kungfu Satellite TV Station, or Kungfu Satellite TV, is jointly launched by Henan Radio and Television Station and Macao Australia Satellite Television.

Officially launched in Macau on February 26, 2009. China kungfu satellite television station is based on chinese kung fu, covering world kung fu, focusing on cultural, competitive, intellectual and intellectual programs, rolling around the clock every day. Kungfu Satellite TV is the abbreviation of China Kungfu Satellite TV Station. It is a satellite TV station co-operated by Henan TV Station, Macau Auya Satellite TV Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yitai Media Co., Ltd. in Macau, China.

"Kung Fu Satellite TV" is based on Chinese Kung Fu, covering the world's martial arts categories, focusing on martial arts information, competition and cultural entertainment, supplemented by film and television programs, with the initial launch of "Kung Fu CLUB," "" "" martial arts master "and" martial arts "mystery" Kung Fu and Health Preservation, Kung Fu SHOW, Kungfu Tea, Wu Hui Friends, Wulin Express, Kung Fu Theatre, etc., are broadcast rolling 24 hours a day. "Kung Fu Satellite TV" is broadcast via Asia 5 satellite through resources such as independent operation license, program broadcasting system, program signal transmission uplink system and other resources already held by Australia-Asia TV and registered satellite television station registered in Macao. The initial broadcasting period is planned to be broadcast in Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, and is gradually extended to the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the United States.

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