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Linfen TV Science and Education Channel, which integrates local news, life, culture, economy and original audio-visual programs, serves TV audiences with authoritative current affairs reports, special columns close to people's lives, rich and excellent TV dramas and other comprehensive programs.

07:45 AM Opera, 09:45 Self-run Column, 10:50 Health, 11:15 Wealth Direct, 11:35 Yaodu News 12:10 Weather Forecast, 12:35 Self-run Column, 13:15 Happy Hour, 14:35 Midday Opera, 15:45 Happy Post Station, 16:45 Art Garden Scenery Line, 17:40 Animation, 18:30 Central News, 19:30 Wind Collection, 19:45 Yaodu News, 20:00 Weather Forecast, 20:10 self-run column, 20:45 golden drama, 23:20 weather forecast,

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