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Liaoning Family Finance Channel, through timely transmission of the latest financial information and reporting of the most practical financial information, guides the audience to establish correct financial management concepts, enhance financial awareness, improve financial management skills, and use rich and popular television means of expression, so that family finance channel becomes the most effective financial assistant for the people.

Channel selling point: gathering industry focus News - making full use of authoritative production bases in Beijing, Shanghai and other financial centers, as well as good cooperative relations with financial institutions and professional financial managers, delivering the latest policy information and hot financial information at the first time, in-depth reporting, professional evaluation, and constructing pan-professional payment The media authority of the channel. Timely Interpretation of Financial News - Focus on practicality for national financial news such as securities, banking, insurance, real estate, etc., in-depth interpretation of experts in relevant columns to answer questions and puzzles for the audience. Pay attention to the topic of people's financial management --- Strengthen service and design programs according to people's needs.

Strengthen the closeness and affinity to the people, and closely link the interests of the people with the content of the program, so that the audience can really benefit. Close to life to the utmost --- advocate popularization to change the rigid face of financial programs. The overall style strives to "translate" and interpret professional financial and economic information in a way that is easy to understand and appreciate both elegance and popularity, so as to deepen the potential and simplify the complexity. Make full use of the latest TV interactive means - increase participation, fully tap the available audience participation platform such as SMS interaction, hotline, network, etc., through interactive question and answer, audience selection and other ways, let the audience personally participate in various programs.

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