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Leshan Public New Rural Channel Logo

Leshan TV Station Public · New Rural Channel is the first professional service channel for agriculture in the city and state. The main programs are "Shumei said things," "seven colors urban and rural areas," "happy rural competition," the overall channel thinking is "people-oriented, farmers as the core, building a new socialist countryside as the carrier, urban and rural interaction bridge." The new logo for green is also highlighted for this topic.

★ "Shumei said things": The program will return to the word "agriculture," concern about agricultural production, care for vulnerable groups, pay attention to the situation of life, increase the strength of rights protection services, focus on public topics. Columns are divided into "Longmen array," "what to say what to" and "Shumei talk" three plates. In the program content to strengthen the program's closeness, story, freshness, usefulness and attention, in the host's packaging will also have a great change, host Shu sister will be lively, humorous, funny, fashionable peasant sister image, Appear on the screen.

★ "seven-color urban and rural areas": A magazine-type column opened on July 19, 2010, which is targeted at the people's livelihood and focuses on "agriculture, rural areas and farmers." Columns are divided into three sectors: "Urban and rural zero distance," focus on urban and rural people's livelihood topics, focus events, emergencies; "Urban and Rural Office," for you to answer all kinds of questions around, between government departments and the audience to build a service bridge; "Urban and rural information stations," provide a variety of practical production and life information. Three major plates, character characteristics come up. Focus on the performance form of the program, because of the subject matter and the use of appropriate means of expression, to change the interview + interpretation of the traditional forms of expression.

★ "Happy Country Competition": The program will continue to maintain the existing style and mode, and will be promoted in project selection, link setup, player selection mode, production standard and other aspects. Large-scale activities such as "Student Team Chong Guan Challenge."

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