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Leshan TV News Channel is one of the most authoritative and influential mainstream channels in Leshan, which mainly publishes local news and information. Its main programs are Leshan News, News Daily News and Leshan Speaking. In this "face change", some programs will be reformed.

Leshan News: Renamed Leshan News Broadcasting, it strives to enrich content, wider information and more vivid form, and further enhance the authority and influence of current political news. Adhere to the improvement of conference reporting. Add one sentence news, headline news and photo news to speed up the pace and increase the amount of information. "Strengthen authority and influence" aims at the needs of the audience, providing useful information for the audience to "want to know", emphasizing timeliness, information quantity, sense of scene and depth of news.

"News Daily News": The column continues to adhere to the program orientation of "paying attention to public interests, people's warmth and cold, caring for vulnerable groups, delivering the latest information". The program focuses on news, increasing interaction, service and entertainment. After the revision, the column will focus on the planning of interactive activities and enhance interaction with the audience. The preliminary objectives of the column are as follows: "The month has its theme and the month has its activities."

Speaking Leshan: Revised as Speaking Leshan Stories Collection, the column is positioned as a storytelling column, under the leadership of storytelling, integrating historical suspense, case film fans, scientific revelation, very emotional, inspirational stories and other different subject areas, using documentary techniques to narrate the recent real events. Reason and narration. Carefully design contradictions, conflicts and suspenses, through the narration of the story to highlight the truth, goodness, beauty, moral, rational and legal philosophy of life. The source of the story is localized, the theme is selected, the narrative is dramatized, and the shooting technique is documentary. In addition, the sub-columns of "Food", "House" and "Topics" have been improved.

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